IMPORTANT Patch release (v1.5.5) - Island trainers, and more!

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Just pushed a new patch today!

New Features
- Added Island Trainers!
* Island trainers are very customizable island NPCs who challenge other players to battles.
* Change their battle lineup, strategy, arena, and more! * Set a customizable wager so that your island trainer will win money with every victory.
* Unlock all 8 island trainers and build your own gym.

Balance Changes
* Breeding UI has been heavily streamlined with many bugfixes
* Breeding has been an inexpensive way to mass-produce pokemon that should be considered rare. We previously made changes to increase hatch times and ban egg trading. However due to player feedback, these changes have been reverted.
* Instead, breeding times are now pokemon-dependent. The breeding time for rarer pokemon has been substantially increased.
* Breeding no longer rewards gold for each egg
-Co-op and Expert Rebalancing
* The level boosts for co-op enemies have been removed. Instead, all co-op opponents now receive a large health boost.
* The invisible stat boost for expert trainers has been removed. Instead, amateur and expert trainer pokemon now have some EVs.

- Fixed Move Bugs (Skull Bash/Pursuit/Roar/Circle Throw/Dragon Tail)
- Fixed targetting, turn skipping, and using items on partner pokemon in double battles
- Fixed bugs when leveling up multiple low-level pokemon at once - Fixed battle freezes from pokemon evolution
- Fixed traveling merchant refresh time and TM sales
- Fixed AI pokemon movesets. They will now have a wider variety of moves, including status moves.

Post featuring @SpookyMcSpookerson🎃🦇(Hedgie) 's Island. We love your builds, Let's see more! Have a great weekend and also, The map might have changed a little.. Stay spooky kids.

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